Honestly, what the eff?

Right, you know there's this mountain, and they have these monkeys…?

No, really, what the mother-flipping heck are you on about?!

OK, well back when I was knee-high, I spent some time studying in Japan. Mount Takasaki was only a short drive away, so we went there a few times to get back to nature, and see some monkeys.

Fast forward a couple of years, to the space-future world of 2000. I was sitting at my shiny desk in a very exciting digital agency in London, and I needed a website. You know, because all the cool kids were getting one. So, I racked my tiny brane, and came up with...


Yes! You guessed it! You're as smart as me! If not smarter!


So I registered my domain, and then I proceeded to make, nay craft, a hideous dhtml (oh, that makes me wince) website. When I really should have been doing some chargeable work.

Then I forgot all about the site for a few years. Was busy doing other things. You know the score.

And then, 2010. Everyone was all Tumblr this, Posterous that, Facebook the other. I wanted in! So I signed up for Tumblr. And it was pretty shit. It went down every other day. And I didn't own my own data. So then I remembered that I did actually have a website, and although it was a bit shit, it was all my own shit.

And here you are.

That's the story of that.