Drawings what I done.

concept: scroller multi 01

an easy way to add a dhtml scroller to your page.
it works in all 4+ browsers except ie4.01 on a mac (because it can't clip layers).

17 years 27 weeks ago

The building

[win ie5.5 only]
this is a portfolio of the stuff i've done whilst i've been at amx. more to come.
move the funny little man around the rooms and open the chests to see the exciting words.

17 years 28 weeks ago

concept: mousetrails 01

[win ie5+]
using vml -vector markup language - a trail is displayed on the screen that follows your cursor
this experiment will only work in ie5 on a windows pc

17 years 31 weeks ago

concept: dragme 01

[win ie5+]
this is an interesting experiment where some images are placed randomly on a page and are connected by lines
the user can drag the images around the page and the lines will update to keep the images connected

17 years 33 weeks ago


flip the cards over and match the pictures.
watch out though, as theres a 30 second time limit...

17 years 50 weeks ago