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Star Wars cup cakes

Google images is truly a treasure trove of force-related fondant goodies.

5 years 1 week ago

The Horrible Histories RAF Pilots Song

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Without us frequent fliers your life would be poorer...

5 years 1 week ago

Robocop vs Alec Empire

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Awesome. From Buffalo Daughter's Socks, Drugs and Rock'n'roll EP.

5 years 37 weeks ago

Have you ever been kissed by a girl like this?

Sweat, by Shizuo.

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Wow, this takes me back. Tower Records, somewhere in Tokyo, 1996.

I remember putting the headphones on, not knowing what to expect. Had probably just been listening to TRF or something jolly like that.

So, "Have you ever been kissed by a girl like this?", then BAM! it all just exploded in my head.

Hadn't heard anything like it before, and even now, it makes me shiver with excitement…

5 years 38 weeks ago

Swirly ribbon people

BoingBoing just posted this. It's freaky but beautiful at the same time.

A new experiment with time remap.

From http://vimeo.com/7878518

5 years 40 weeks ago

I'm shakin', you're shakin', we're all shakin'

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Little Willie John and Jack White are both really noivous.

5 years 44 weeks ago

In your face!

This really is turning into an Adam Buxton video blog...

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5 years 44 weeks ago

Adam Buxton's Party Pom Pom

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It's from Adam Buxton's Bug

6 years 6 days ago

Gotye Bronte

More lovely animation, by the creators of Winter Fox

From Vimeo

Film clip for the song Bronte, from the Gotye album Making Mirrors

6 years 1 week ago

Winter fox

Beautiful animation about a lost fox.

From Vimeo

Through falling snow, a lost young cub searches for home.

Short film by Ari and Jason.

Music by Simon Westlake.

Sound by Sean Lahiff.

Traditional animation created digitally in Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks to @flaming_heck for the tip.

6 years 1 week ago